Tree Pruning

Pruning is a necessary part of any tree's life cycle. That's because periodically removing or shortening certain limbs helps to keep the tree healthy and thriving. When was the last time your trees were pruned?


Professional Tree Pruning

Unless you are maintaining a very small tree, it's a good idea to call a tree service professional when it's time to prune a tree. The most important reason for seeking a professional is safety. Simply put, removing or trimming large limbs in dangerous. Too many property owners are injured every year when they try tree pruning without assistance.

Moreover, an arborist with professional pruning experience can tell you how long it's been since a tree was pruned and whether or not pruning is needed now. If you want to achieve better symmetry or a particular shape, then the arborist has the skills needed to improve the overall look of the tree.

Pruning also can be a fantastic way to get more light onto your property. If you love a tree but wish that more sunlight could filter through the branches, an arborist can fix this for you with pruning. This may make it possible for you to enjoy your yard even more than you did before.

When Is It Time to Prune?

Regular tree pruning keeps trees healthy and flourishing. On average, a tree will need to be pruned approximately every two to seven years. That's a fairly wide estimate, but the pruning schedule for any individual tree will vary based on a variety of factors.

For instance, general guidelines suggest that deciduous trees be pruned in three to five year intervals. More frequent pruning may be necessary when a tree is close to or has branches that reach over a structure.

Evergreen trees like pines and firs may only require pruning every five to seven years while other evergreens, like cedars, may need pruning every three to five years. Before pruning, it is always wise to have an arborist check the tree for any signs of disease, pests or other issues.

Ornamental trees may be pruned more or less frequently than other trees, depending upon how the property owner wants the tree to look. A skilled arborist can help you to achieve just the right shape and size for ornamental trees.

What Type of Pruning Is Right for Your Trees?

Mike of Mike's Tree Service can come to your property to provide a free estimate and advice regarding pruning your trees. A full pruning may be appropriate as it removes all limbs that are duplicated, rubbing, dead or diseased. Between 10 and 20 percent of the crown also may be removed. This improves the health and aesthetics of the tree.

Other trees may need a heavy thinning in which a crown reduction is performed. This involves butting back tips and allowing certain leaders to remain so that a lower crown is created. Trees that have been topped may be helped with a crown restoration pruning. Additionally, some tall and well-established trees may benefit from a crown lifting pruning in which the lowest limbs, which may be dead or dying, are removed.

Call Mike's Tree Service at 845-266-3685 or email for a free estimate. As an arborist, Mike is fully qualified to assess any tree and prune it with exacting precision.