Storm Damage Cleanup

Whenever a storm strikes, it is almost a guarantee that it will leave behind a mess on your property. Whether your land is residential or commercial, it always looks better and is far safer to occupy when it is not covered in storm debris.

Don't waste time and put yourself in danger by trying to get rid of that storm debris yourself. Instead, call Mike's Tree Service for professional storm damage cleanup. This is especially helpful whenever a sizable limb or even an entire tree is lying across or threatening structures on your property.

Getting Rid of Storm Debris

High winds, heavy rains, lightning strikes, severe snowstorms and icy conditions all may contribute to tree damage. After the storm passes, property owners are left with a mess. Small branches and limbs are scattered across the land, and unfortunate people may find that a limb or tree has fallen onto their home or commercial building.

Cleaning it all up is an enormous, time-consuming job. You could spend hours loading fallen branches and leaves into a wheelbarrow and trying to cart it all away. What do you do with the larger branches or even a tree that's fallen in the storm? If you want to dispose of it yourself, it's necessary to use the proper equipment and to keep certain safety precautions in mind.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Call in a Professional for Storm Damage Cleanup

When you hire Mike's Tree Service to handle the cleanup for you, you'll have the assistance of an efficient and well-trained crew. They have all of the equipment and know-how that are required to get the job done right, and they'll finish it in surprisingly little time.

These experienced crews handle jobs of all sizes and descriptions. If you want someone to remove a few scattered branches, we can handle it. However, we also are prepared to take on jobs where a tree has fallen onto your roof. With our knowledge, we're able to remove a fallen tree without causing further damage to the roof or the rest of the structure. We'll even cut it up and haul it away.

Mike's Tree Service

Operating across Ulster and Dutchess Counties, Mike's Tree Service is owned and operated by Mike DiGiacomio. He's an arborist who has the education, knowledge and skills that are required to manage an expert storm damage cleanup service.

In addition to ensuring that all storm debris is safely and efficiently removed from your property, Mike also will perform a thorough inspection of all remaining trees. This will uncover any storm damage that is not obvious to the untrained eye.

Based on this inspection, Mike may recommend additional services like removing deadwood so that fewer branches fall in the next storm or corrective pruning to improve a tree's ability to withstand future storms.

Mike also will be on the lookout for trees that were damaged in the storm. After assessing the overall health of the tree, its species and the extent of the damage, Mike will recommend either removing the tree or a series of treatments that may make it possible to save the plant.

Whether you want to make your property storm-ready or you need to have storm debris cleared away, call Mike at 845-266-3685 or email him at to schedule an estimate.