Hazard Tree Evaluation

Butt Rot

Trees can be a beautiful lasting part of your landscape. They can also be a danger. Call Mike and he can evaluate your trees to determine if they are in good structural condition. With Mike’s education, knowledge and tools he can evaluate your trees structure. Don’t be fooled thinking that because a tree has all of its leaves it is structurally sound. A tree can be fully leaved out and have extensive decay. Multiple tree services deemed the tree in the picture at above to be structurally sound. Because of Mike’s experience he was able to tell that it was decayed. This picture was taken while removing the last piece at ground level. The decay was extensive and this 36″ 95′ tall Red oak was only 35 feet from the house.

Mike also uses a IML Resistograph to sample trees for decay. Very few tree services own this expensive piece of tree sampling technology in the Hudson Valley. With this machine Mike will drill a very small hole into the tree at the base. As the machine drills into the wood the resistance to the bit is measured graphically on a piece of paper. With this graph Mike can tell if the tree is hollow, rotted or if the wood is sound. Call Mike for this valuable service and he can sample your trees and provide you with a written report of your trees structure.